Corporate Governance

We have extensive experience in the field of corporate governance.

Our corporate governance services include advice on:

  • structuring corporate governance: determining and distributing the competencies of governing bodies, procedures for convening and conducting meetings of governing bodies, terms of office, functions, composition and formation of governing bodies, quorum and decision-making, and meeting minutes;
  • preparation and holding of annual and extraordinary meetings of participants and shareholders, meetings of the board of directors, providing support for the activities of the corporate secretary and committees of the board of directors;

  • preparation of charters, regulations on the general director, board of directors, committees of the board of directors, general meetings of shareholders, minutes of meetings and meetings of governing bodies, a code of corporate governance, lists of affiliates, and rules on working with sensitive information;

  • preparation of regulations on the audit commission, auditor;

  • approval of major transactions and related party transactions, decision-making on the purchase of shares, preparation of voluntary and mandatory offers;

  • disclosure of information;

  • management of subsidiaries;

  • responsibility of the general director, members of the board of directors and the collegial executive body (board).

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