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In addition to legal practice, our lawyers are also actively involved in legislative and scientific work, non-profit projects in the field of education and innovation.

Support for the "Teacher for Russia" project

The firm provided free legal support to the creation of the New Teacher Charitable Foundation for the Support and Development of Education for the Teacher for Russia school education program. The project is analogous to the international TeachForAll program, which successfully operates in 35 countries around the world. The main partner of the project in Russia is Sber JSC.

The project is a fully paid two-year leadership development program for outstanding graduates and young professionals who will work as educators. The pilot project has been tested at schools in the Moscow region from September 2015. After the program ends, its graduates will have the choice to pursue a career in education or at program sponsors.

Sponsorship of the WTO Model Court

The firm regularly sponsors the international competition "Model of the WTO Court", which is held under the auspices of the Russian Academy of Foreign Trade every two years in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020. The competition was attended by student and postgraduate teams of law faculties of universities in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The competition is a competition between teams of universities in the field of WTO law and the skills of its application based on situational tasks - practical cases ("cases") concerning the resolution of disputes within the WTO. The partners of our firm took part in the work of the judging panel, as well as in the awards ceremony for the winners of the competition.

Charity organisations

The firm provides legal support to the Galchonok Charitable Foundation. In particular, our firm was actively involved in the creation of a brochure on the rights of disabled children and their families.

Non-profit organizations

Our firm provides voluntary legal support for the Harvard Club of Russia and the Oxford University Society of Russia.

The firm also took an active part in the creation of Cleantech Russia, an accelerator for the development of projects in the field of energy efficiency and resource conservation, and is also actively involved in supporting the association and its members.

Global education for Russians

The firm's partners took an active part in the development and promotion of the Global Education for Russians program, which provides for the creation of a fund at the expense of the federal budget and funds of companies with state participation. The purpose of the fund is to finance the education of Russian students in master's and postgraduate studies at leading foreign universities with their subsequent employment in Russian scientific educational centers, in the civil service and in companies with state participation.

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