About us

Nadmitov, Ivanov & Partners Law Firm LLC was founded in 2008. The Firm’s office is located in Moscow, Russia.

Our team consists of eight experienced legal professionals with a combined legal experience of 132 years in large and complex projects in the field of law supported by a team of junior lawyers and qualified administrative staff.

Our main practices are corporate and financial transactions and dispute resolution. We also advise clients on shareholders' agreements, joint ventures, option agreements, venture capital, fintech, antitrust law, tax and currency law, private client matters, foreign economic contracts, trade law, sanctions, real estate and construction, personal data, data protection, Internet regulation, labor law, intellectual property law, compliance, criminal law and administrative practice in the field of economic activity, dispute resolution: representation in Russian arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction, representation in bankruptcy and insolvency cases, representation in foreign courts and international commercial arbitration.

Our clients

The Firm’s clients include large and medium-sized Russian and foreign companies in the areas of electric power, infrastructure construction, real estate, coal extraction and processing, non-ferrous metallurgy, agriculture and agribusiness, air and rail transport, recreational business, machine building, shipbuilding, telecoms and IT, finance, direct and venture investments. We also represent foreign investors on matters of investment and conducting business in Russia. 


Our practice has been recognized in a number of leading international and local legal ratings. We focus on international standards for the provision of consulting services. The Firm offers legal services of the highest quality at reasonable rates and flexible payment schemes. 

International projects

Our Firm has extensive experience in conducting international projects, including legal support for cross-border transactions and representation of clients’ interests in foreign courts, as well as bankruptcy cases and international arbitration. The Firm’s lawyers hold law degrees from the best universities in the USA, Great Britain and Germany, and acquired experience in cross-border corporate and judicial projects. Our lawyers can communicate fluently with our clients in English, French, German, and Chinese. Extensive professional contacts in the international legal community allow us, together with our partners, to provide legal services of the highest quality almost anywhere in the world. The Firm has associated offices in Finland, Mongolia, China, and Singapore.

Social activities

We also pay serious attention to social and pro bono activities. In addition to practicing law, our lawyers are actively involved in legislative and academic work, non-profit projects in the fields of education and innovation, and the Firm has also supported the activity of a charity foundation helping children.

Liability insurance

The professional liability of the lawyers of the Firm is insured under an insurance policy from a leading Russian company.

Registration information

  • company registration number (OGRN) — 1097746280170
  • taxpayer identification number (INN)  — 7719723883
  • reason for registration code (KPP)  — 773001001

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