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Roskomnadzor is testing a system "Vepr"

20 февраля 2023

Main Radio Frequency Center (GRFC) Subordinated to Roskomnadzor is testing a system for detecting messages that potentially pose a “threat to the individual, society and the state.”

The system is called Vepr and should be ready by the end of July 2023.

Vepr will fight against "the dissemination of socially significant information under the guise of reliable messages, which creates a threat of harm to the life and (or) health of citizens, property, the threat of mass disruption of public order and (or) public safety."

The main purposes of the information system:

·        Identification of potential points of tension in the network that can become an information threat, their analysis;

·        Forecasting the spread of hazardous materials;

·        Identify the authors of anonymous messages;

·        Assess the tone of the message;

·        Show the dynamics of topic popularity.

We remind you that the GRFC previously launched the Oculus automatic search system for prohibited content. This system is aimed at recognizing scenes, actions, symbols and texts in materials indicating extremism, drug promotion, calls for riots and suicide.

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