We are in Pravo-300

6 декабря 2019

The Pravo-300 rating noted Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners in the categories "Digital Economy" (Group 2) and "International Litigation" (Group 3), which reflects our high expertise in the field of digital law and international litigation.

In the field of digital law, we represent clients on projects in the field of competition law, fintech, blockchain, personal data and information technology.

We are also active in cross-border litigation and international arbitration projects. Excellent experience in this area and long-standing partnerships with a number of leading foreign firms and litigation attorneys around the world allow us to offer our clients an excellent value for the price and quality of services provided almost anywhere in the world.

Pravo.ru-300 is the leading Russian legal rating, which is designed to increase the transparency of the Russian legal services market.

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