Legal Support of Payment Systems and Services

We advise payment systems and FinTech startups on the regulation of transfers and payment systems.

Projects in this area include representation of:

  • cryptocurrency mining farms in relation to licensing cryptocurrency transfers under the laws of several states and federal laws of the USA;

  • a platform performing an ICO in relation to payments and transfers of digital tokens;

  • a large foreign company in the field of international payments - a unicorn in relation to opening a bank account in a Russian bank and dealing with Russian regulatory requirements for money transfers;

  • a social network based on blockchain regarding the implementation of payment functions to the social network platform;

  • founders and managers of a startup in the field of FinTech, which has become a major player in the mobile acquiring market in Russia, in relation to preparation of a shareholder agreement and a subscription agreement for shares under English law with venture funds and the subsequent sale of shares and exit from the company;

  • a payment platform working with cryptocurrencies in relation to a share acquisition transaction of another English company that owns an iOS application under English law.

Pavel Maruev
Senior Lawyer


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