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VimpelCom decided to check the interest in “checking” the data of its clients

25 марта 2021
VimpelCom PJSC has created check-fast.ru. On the specified site, it is proposed to check information about person by phone number, in particular, the risk of fraud, "level of reliability", region of residence, links to social networks, convictions and open enforcement proceedings, debt on loans. VimpelCom told Kommersant that this is a test platform for analyzing “the demand for similar products”: “The check-fast.ru website is a marketing tool created as part of the study of demand and expectations, and not a functioning service, all information on it is not reliable. "

According to Alexander Nadmitov, managing partner of the Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners Law Firm, in this case, the collection of information is carried out for marketing purposes. He recalled that for the processing of personal data that is not compatible with the purposes of their collection, administrative responsibility is provided.

“In addition, the very operation of the service, which offers to provide all information about the owner of the number, including links to social networks, will require strict compliance with the legislation on personal data, that is, obtaining specific consents from the subject of personal data, separately issuing consent to the distribution of personal data and determining the list of personal data. data for each category allowed for distribution,” he explained.

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