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Petersburg metro denied information about travel ban for disturber

14 января 2021
The press service of the St. Petersburg metro announced their intention to replace the information published in the Telegram channel of the Metro. Everyday life ". It dealt with the "non-admission to the territory of the subway in the future" of a man who was juggling a soccer ball on the tracks.

Lawyers note that it will not work to prohibit the violator from using the metro. “Access cannot be restricted, but there are grounds for bringing a man to administrative responsibility. For actions that threaten the safety of traffic on railway transport and the subway, the law provides for a fine in the amount of 1 thousand to 2 thousand rubles, "Alexander Nadmitov, managing partner of the law firm Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners, explained to RBC.

Currently, there are no legislative acts allowing to restrict violators' access to the metro, but in the future there may be an initiative to ban visits to passengers who violate the rules of transportation. Delgira Khodzhaeva, a lawyer at Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners, said this in an interview with RBC. “In the future, a legislative initiative is possible aimed at introducing such a sanction as restricting access to the metro. Since, despite the fact that the metro is a public transport and a person has the right to freedom of movement, it must be borne in mind that such behavior poses a threat to the uninterrupted movement of the train and the safety of other passengers, ”she said.

Source: Petersburg metro denied information about travel ban for disturber
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