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Participation in the conference "Antimonopoly Policy: Science, Practice, Education"

7 декабря 2016

December 7, 2016 Alexander Nadmitov, Managing Partner of Nadmitov, Ivanov & Partners, took part in the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Antimonopoly Policy: Science, Practice, Education" at the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

Within the framework of the conference, a plenary session was held on the issues of tariff regulation and antimonopoly policy in the new economy. More than 300 people took part in the conference, among whom were representatives of scientific centers and basic departments of competition law

and antimonopoly regulation of the FAS, as well as representatives of authorities and


The cartelization of markets became one of the main topics of the last plenary

meetings. Director of the Department for International Trade of the UN Conference

on Trade and Development UNCTAD Guillermo Vayes drew attention to

the need to strengthen cooperation between antitrust authorities at all

stages of countering international cartels.

The experts paid special attention to the issues of the relationship between intellectual law and antitrust law, the impact of digital technologies on competition in e-commerce, and the creation of a global benchmarking that will allow antitrust authorities of all countries to track prices for goods and services in comparable markets and promptly suppress violations of antimonopoly laws.

Law Firm "Nadmitov, Ivanov & Partners" regularly represents the interests of clients on complex issues of antitrust law, and also actively participates in the legislative process, in particular, on the relationship between intellectual property law and antitrust regulation.

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