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Sergey Grigoryev on Current Issues in Bankruptcy

4 марта 2024

Sergey Grigoryev, an advisor for judicial and bankruptcy practices at “Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners” law firm, discusses the firm’s current cases, reviews of judicial practices in bankruptcy, bankruptcy procedures, contesting agreements, amounts of debt, subsidiary liability, risks, subordination of creditor agreements, and much more. 

Sergey Grigoryev leads the firm’s judicial and bankruptcy practices. He is an attorney with extensive professional experience in representing a variety of cases in arbitration courts: corporate disputes, debt recovery and enforcement against pledged assets, annulment of agreements and management decisions, reclamation of property, affirmation of property rights, challenging non-regulatory acts and actions of governmental bodies, compensation for damages and unjust enrichment, representing interests in corporate bankruptcy cases, as well as complex corporate and financial agreements.

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