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Owners of ad placement services have new responsibilities

26 января 2023
Federal Law No. 584-FZ dated 29 December 2022 introduced a number of amendments to the Law on Information and supplemented Article 10.7 “Obligations of the owner of the ad placement service” with new clauses. They come into force on 1 March 2023.

Now the owners of sites and ad services with traffic of more than 100,000 Russian users are required to:
1. not allow the use of the site and (or) the page of the site for the purposes of:
- committing criminal offenses
- disclosure of state secrets
- justifications for terrorism and extremism
- posting pornography
- publication of materials containing obscene language;
2. not allow the dissemination of information with the aim of discrediting anyone on the grounds of gender, age, race or nationality, language, attitude to religion, profession, place of residence and work, as well as in connection with their political opinions;
3. comply with the prohibitions and restrictions provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation on referendums and election laws;
4. observe the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations, including the honor, dignity and business reputation of citizens, business reputation of organizations;
5. place on the ad placement service an e-mail address for sending legally significant messages to the owner of the service, as well as surname and initials (for an individual) or name (for a legal entity);
6. install one of the programs offered by Roskomnadzor to determine the number of site users;
7. ensure the integration and interaction of the service with the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA) and the federal state information system "Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services (Functions)" (public services).

 Sites for announcements and attendance of more than 100,000 users per day will fall into the register of Roskomnadzor. In a separate register there will be services that are required to integrate with public services.
Data identifying the owner of the service will be provided to Roskomnadzor by providers. Next, Roskomnadzor notifies the owner of the service about its inclusion in the registry. The owner of the service is obliged to provide Roskomnadzor with documents confirming compliance with all requirements. The list will be approved by the Government.

Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners Law Firm advises on the legal regulation of Internet sites.

 For more details see: Federal Law No. 584-FZ of 29 December 2022 "On Amendments to the Federal Law "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection" http://www.consultant.ru/document/cons_doc_LAW_436123/ 

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