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New strict measures are adopted against “unfriendly” foreign persons in Russia

7 августа 2023

Law No. 470-FZ of 04.08.2023 allows exclusion of foreigners from "unfriendly" countries from holding company owners through the courts. It was adopted to encourage the transfer of Russian business to Russian jurisdiction:

- First of all, the law regulates companies in key and strategic industries. The government will establish an appropriate list. It will include companies that meet one of the following criteria:

  • the holding's total revenue exceeds 75 billion rubles a year;
  • more than 4 thousand people work in it;
  • the total value of assets exceeds 150 billion rubles;
  • the total amount of taxes paid for the previous year is at least 10 billion rubles.
- Economically significant companies also include all city-forming enterprises, subjects of critical information infrastructure, companies implementing technologies or software for socially significant services and services.

In addition, a law was signed (Law No. 422-FZ of 08/04/2023) allowing the blocking of money and property of foreign legal entities under Russian sanctions. It will enter into force in February 2024.

  • The law allows the blocking of property, accounts and operations of foreign individuals and legal entities under Russian sanctions;
  • The decision to impose restrictions will be made by the president;
  • Financial institutions are prohibited from servicing transfers abroad if the recipient is a sanctioned person;
  • For violation of the ban, the Central Bank may restrict the activities and fine brokers, investment funds or management companies in the amount of up to 5 million rubles.

See: Federal Law No. 470-FZ of 04.08.2023 “On the Regulation of Corporate Relations in Business Companies Being Economically Significant Organizations”, Federal Law No. 422-FZ of 04.08.2023 “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation”

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