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Monitoring of the UK Sanctions

24 февраля 2023

Nadmitov, Ivanov & Partners Law Firm prepared an overview of the sanctions imposed on Russian individuals and organizations by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in connection with the crisis around Ukraine.

24 February 2023

- The UK imposed sanctions against 92 individuals and entities.

The restrictions affected the heads of Rosatom and Gazprom, as well as the two largest Russian defense companies Rostec and Almaz-Antey, and four banks. In particular, MTS Bank, Saint Petersburg Bank, Uralsib and Zenit.

The UK also imposed a ban on the export of aircraft parts, radio equipment and electronic kits that are used in military production, including drones. The ban also includes the import of 140 iron and steel products, including those that have been processed in third countries.

29 June 2022

- The UK authorities included in the sanctions list the following persons:

  • Vladimir Potanin,
  • Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev,
  • Anna Tsivileva, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kolmar Group,
  • Said and Sait-Salam Gutseriev, son and brother of businessman Mikhail Gutseriev,
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors and shareholder of SPB Exchange Ivan Tyryshkin,
  • Director General of the Tuva Energy Industrial Corporation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of USK Most Ruslan Baisarov,
  • Croatian businessman Mihailo Perencevic, president of Velesstroy.

Of the organizations under British sanctions were:

  • Moscow Industrial Bank,
  • Coal mining holding Kolmar,
  • New Opportunities JSC, which received certain assets of the Sberbank ecosystem in May,
  • R-Style Softlab.

The sanctions provide freezing of assets and a ban on entry into the UK.

Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-sanctions-russias-second-richest-man

13 April 2022

- The UK imposed sanctions against 206 Russian individuals, among them the co-owner of Lukoil Vagit Alikperov, the chairman of the board of directors of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the vice president of Gazprombank Sergey Fursenko, the former head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, the general director of Surgutneftegaz Vladimir Bogdanov, as well as against Gazprobank, Otkritie Bank, Rossiya Bank and SOGAZ.

The assets of individuals and organizations will be frozen.

Source: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1068...


6 April 2022

- The UK introduces a new package of sanctions against Russia (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-uk-sanctions-list).

Sberbank and Moscow Credit Bank (MCB) are included in the new sanctions list.

Sanctions mean the freezing the accounts of organizations in this country, as well as a ban on banking operations and clearing in pounds sterling.

8 Russians, including Gazpromneft CEO Alexander Dyukov, Novatek CEO Leonid Mikhelson, Kamaz CEO Sergei Kogogin, Alrosa CEO Sergei Ivanov, Gazprombank CEO Andrey Akimov, and co-owner of SMP Bank. Boris Rotenberg and Akron co-owner Vyacheslav Kantor are also included in the sanctions list.


31 March 2022

- The UK imposed sanctions against the following Russian individuals:

  • Sergey Brilev, VGTRK,
  • Alexey Zharov, Gazprom-Media,
  • Alexey Nikolov, RT,
  • Anton Anisimov, Sputnik,
  • Mikhail Mizintsev, NCUO RF,
  • Vladimir Maksimenko, FGC,
  • Andrey Areshev, FSK,
  • Irina Bubnov, FSK,
  • Anton Bespalov, FSK,
  • Sergey Saenko, FSK,
  • Natalia Skorokhodova, Federal Grid Company,
  • Svetlana Zamlelova, tuning fork.

Sanctions were also imposed against TV-Novosti and Rossiya Segodnya.

Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/foreign-secretary-announces-sanctions-on-putins-propaganda--2


15 March 2022

- The UK imposed an additional 35% tariff on imports of basic Russian goods, including vodka, and bans the export of luxury goods such as cars, expensive clothes and works of art to the country (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk -announces-new-economic-sanctions-against-russia).

- The UK also plans to deny Russia and Belarus MFN access to hundreds of their exports.

11 March 2022

- On March 10, 2022, the UK imposed sanctions against Roman Abramovich. The assets of the Russian businessman were frozen. It imposes financial restrictions on the Chelsea football club. However, the club received a special license to continue football activities (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/abramovich-and-deripaska-among-seven-oligarchs-targeted-in-estima...) with certain restrictions:

  • it is forbidden to carry out transfers of football players and to renew contracts with them;
  • the sale of tickets for games is prohibited;
  • the club shop is closed.

10 March 2022

- On March 10, 2022, the UK imposed sanctions against Roman Abramovich, Igor Sechin, Oleg Deripaska, Alexei Miller, Nikolai Tokarev, Alexander Lebedev and Andrey Kostin (NPA: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads /system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1059...).


2 March 2022

- Blocking sanctions against RDIF and its head Kirill Dmitriev were imposed.


1 March 2022

- Non-blocking sanctions against Sberbank were introduced. A ban was imposed on correspondent relations and settlements in the pound sterling currency. The property and assets of Sberbank and its subsidiaries in Britain are not frozen. British financial and credit organizations are entitled to make settlements from March 1 to March 31, 2022 in pounds sterling with Sberbank, as well as financial and credit organizations directly or indirectly controlled by Sberbank (General License INT/2022/1277778).

28 February 2022

- Personal sanctions are introduced against V.V. Putin, S.V. Lavrov.

- The assets of VEB, Otkritie and Sovcombank are frozen.

25 February 2022

- The assets of VTB Bank, Russian banks, IS Bank, General Bank, Promsvyazbank and Chernomorsky Bank are frozen.

- The UK issued a general license for Sberbank - until April 4, 2022, British banks can continue correspondent relations and settlements in the pound sterling currency with it.

- With regard to economic assets and accounts of specific individuals, the amount of deposits that Russian citizens can keep in British banks is limited, a ban is introduced for large Russian companies to raise financing in the British market and restrictions are imposed on the export of high technologies and equipment for oil refining to Russia.

- With regard to the aviation and defense industry: a ban on Aeroflot flights to the UK is introduced. With regard to the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), the United Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK), the state corporation Rostec, Uralvagonzavod and the Tactical Missiles Corporation, the supply of spare parts and other goods are suspended.

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