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"Corporate Lawyer" about Viktor Arkhipov

19 ноября 2017
Million project

I started working on tax issues almost immediately. At first in small auditor and consulting firms, then in larger ones - FBK (Financial and Accounting Consultations), Pepeliaev Group.

I have gained vast experience in the field of tax advice and protection of the interests of taxpayers at all stages of relations with the tax authorities. My biggest achievement is participation in projects worth tens of millions of dollars.

We studied together with Alexander Nadmitov at the Russian School of Private Law. After his first year, he went to study in England. I have known him for a long time as a reliable professional.

Alexander made an attractive offer to join his firm and organize tax practice. At a certain stage, I wanted more independence and independence. And the task of building a tax practice seemed to me quite an interesting challenge.

The immediate plans are to build the tax practice of Nadmitov, Ivanov & Partners from the very beginning. My task is to convince existing clients that our tax practice will be able to provide them with the volume and, most importantly, the quality of services that they expect. Well, and attract new ones.

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