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Comments to RBC on the risks for Russians due to the court decision in Minsk on Nexta

21 октября 2020
Managing partner of the Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners Law Firm Alexander Nadmitov gave comments to RBC about the risks for Russians due to the recognition of the Nexta telegram channel as extremist in Belarus.

While on the territory of Belarus, it is reasonable to refrain from reposting and sending materials of the opposition Telegram channel Nexta after the country's court recognized it as extremist in the country. Alexander Nadmitov, managing partner of the law firm Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners, told RBC about this.

“On the territory of Belarus, the distribution of materials recognized as extremist in the country will be punishable even for foreign citizens. Therefore, you should refrain from reposting and sending materials from this channel, while in Belarus, ”advised Nadmitov.

He added that, from the point of view of legislation, subscription to the channel should not entail responsibility, “however, given the current political situation, it is recommended to unsubscribe from this channel when entering Belarus”.

The lawyer also explained that this channel is not extremist in Russia.

“For it to be extremist in Russia, it must be recognized as such in accordance with the federal law“ On Countering Extremist Activities ”of July 25, 2002, that is, by the Russian federal court at the place of their discovery, distribution or location of the organization that produced such materials, on the basis of a statement by the prosecutor or during proceedings on a relevant case of an administrative offense, civil, administrative or criminal case, ”said Alexander Nadmitov to RBC.

According to him, Russian citizens subscribed to this channel in Russia do not violate the law, since they are not subject to the legislation of Belarus. And under Russian law, production, storage or distribution of extremist materials is punishable.

“There are no precedents in which citizens were prosecuted for subscribing to extremist telegram channels or communities on social networks, but there have been cases of prosecution for posting videos on their personal page. In any case, distribution is an active action, that is, repost, transfer, transfer of information to other persons, therefore, only one subscription is unlikely to result in responsibility, ”Nadmitov said.

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