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Decree about resource containing information about military registration has been signed

13 февраля 2023

In November 2022, the President of the Russian Federation signed Decree No. 854 dated November 25, 2022 “On the state information resource containing information about citizens necessary to update military registration documents.” According to this decree, the Ministry of Digital Development, with the participation of the Ministry of Defense, will form state information resources with information about citizens necessary to update military registration documents. Work on the resource should be completed by April 1, 2024, and the information in the database will be updated daily.

Until December 30, 2022, government agencies had to digitize information about citizens in military registration documents. Also, the identification of citizens who are registered with the military, as well as those who are not, but are obliged to be, is carried out on the basis of a unified register of the population of the Russian Federation.

The state information resource is formed on the basis of information provided by the following bodies:

I. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia: registration/temporary registration, driver's license;

II. Central Election Commission: registration at the place of residence or stay from the lists of voters;

III. Ministry of Digital Development: phone numbers and e-mail addresses left by a citizen on government websites;

IV. Federal Tax Service: employer, civil status, real estate and vehicles of a citizen;

V. Social fund: labor activity, length of service, disability, trustees, guardians, "partially capable and incompetent" citizens;

VI. Ministry of Health: the state of health of citizens, registration with narcologists and psychiatric hospitals;

VII. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Federal Penitentiary Service: individuals under investigation and prisoners/under supervision;

VIII. Ministry of Sports and regional authorities: individuals with sports titles/ranks.

The resource will also take into account information about possible deferrals from military service: study, IT specialty, or the status of a deputy/candidate for deputy.

Some changes have already begun to take effect: for example, data on unemployed citizens registered with the labor exchange are transmitted, as well as current registration addresses, photographs and telephone numbers are entered in order to search for persons evading military service and mobilization on city cameras.

In addition, border checkpoints on the borders with the Russian Federation will be equipped with new cameras with a face recognition system.

See more: Order http://publication.pravo.gov.ru/Document/View/0001202211250017?index=3&rangeSize=1

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