Representation in the HKIAC

13 октября 2019

Nadmitov, Ivanov & Partners represents in the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center (HKIAC).

The Hong Kong International Arbitration Center is an independent non-profit organization providing services in the field of international commercial arbitration.

Number of arbitrators: 1 or 3, unless otherwise provided by agreement of the Parties (Article 6.1)

Procedure for the appointment of arbitrators: if the Parties have agreed to appoint a sole arbitrator, then they jointly appoint him within 30 days from the date of receipt by the Respondent of the Notice of Arbitration, otherwise the appointment is handled by the HIAC. If the Parties have agreed to appoint three arbitrators, then each party shall appoint one candidate, and the two appointed arbitrators shall independently appoint the third arbitrator. If the Parties do not appoint arbitrators, the HIAC will independently appoint them (Articles 7-8).

Case consideration period: 6 months

Registration fee: approx. HK $ 8,000

Administration fee: HK $ 19,800 to HK $ 400,000 (Attachment 1)

Advantages of HKIAC: a popular place for dispute resolution in Central Asia and East, HKIAC is the only one that provides the Party with the right to choose the method of payment of fees to arbitrators (hourly or one-time), availability of emergency arbitration; enforcement of the decision in China.

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