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Lititfation in the American Arbitration Association (AAA)

13 октября 2019

Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners represents interests in the American Arbitration Association (AAA).

American Arbitration Association is a non-profit international arbitration dispute resolution organization based in New York

Number of arbitrators: 1 or 3

Procedure for appointing arbitrators: if the Parties have not agreed on the method of appointing arbitrators, the Arbitration Association sends the Parties a list of 10 names of persons who can be arbitrators in the dispute. Within 14 days, the parties choose a person who will become an arbitrator, otherwise they arrange candidates for arbitrators in order of preference, after which the Association chooses from the most preferred arbitrators or independently appoints one (Art. R-12).

Case processing time: on average 9 months

Registration fee: from 150-200 US dollars

Administration fee: $ 800 to $ 13,750

Advantages of AAA: many cases in this Association are resolved before an arbitral award is made (almost half of all cases); special attention is paid to the protection of data and confidentiality of the Parties; strict rules on the ethics of lawyers, guaranteed independence and impartiality of arbitrators; fees are independent of the length of the arbitration; ample opportunities for mediation.

Features: Arbitrator candidates are selected based on a special National Roster list

If the panel consists of 3 arbitrators and the arbitrators cannot make a decision by a majority vote, the chairman of the panel assumes this responsibility without consulting the other arbitrators.

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