WTO Law portal is launched

28 февраля 2014

Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners, with the support of colleagues and partners, launched the WTO Law website at http://wtolaw.ru, exclusively dedicated to WTO Law, customs law and regulation of foreign economic activity.

The practice of our firm in the field of WTO and international trade law includes the provision of legal services on the full range of issues of international trade and the resolution of trade disputes, including:

representing the interests of Russian clients in the framework of investigations related to the introduction of anti-dumping, countervailing and protective measures carried out by the national authorities of the USA, EU and other countries;

advising foreign importing companies on customs law issues: Russian customs classification, rules for the valuation and origin of goods, preferential trade regimes and free trade zones such as the Customs Union;

advising foreign importing companies on Russian legislation in the field of technical regulation, sanitary well-being of the population, food safety;

advising foreign importing companies on Russian law in the field of intellectual property protection;

advising Russian clients on the export of goods, services and intellectual property to countries subject to export controls, embargoes and economic sanctions;

representation of Russian and foreign clients in disputes arising in connection with the violation by states of the WTO norms and other trade agreements, both in the WTO dispute resolution bodies and in the relevant regional and national bodies;

structuring transactions using the advantages provided by the rules of international trade, including WTO rules, as well as the implementation (preparation) of regional and bilateral trade agreements;

advising clients on the conclusion of export-import transactions.

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