The law on "linear amnesty" has been signed

7 августа 2023

Vladimir Putin has signed a law that improves the mechanisms for registering rights to use land plots occupied by linear objects (the "linear amnesty" law).

The law will allow the rental of land plots that are owned by the state or municipality for the placement of objects of the Unified Gas Supply System without conducting auctions, even if these plots are designated for subsoil use.

In addition, the law on "linear amnesty" simplifies the procedure for registering rights to land plots on which pipelines, gas pipelines, power lines, and other linear objects were built before the entry into force of the Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation (objects created before December 30, 2004):

  • Until January 1, 2025, public easement can be established based on the application of a natural monopoly subject for the operation of the linear object used by them, as well as based on the application of a communication operator for the operation of the communication line used for the organization of electricity, gas, heat, water supply, wastewater and communication services to the population, in relation to which such a subject or communication operator does not have rights.
  • No documentary proof of rights needs to be provided for such an object. Until January 1, 2025, state cadastral registration and state registration of rights to the specified linear object will be carried out based on a declaration of immovable property.

It is reported that at the moment, approximately 720,000 kilometers of linear objects created before 2004 remain unregistered. The "linear amnesty" law aims to ensure accurate accounting and proper maintenance of such objects to ensure uninterrupted functioning in the interests of the population.


See Federal Law No. 430-FZ of 04.08.2023 "On Amendments to the Land Code of the Russian Federation and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation"

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