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The cost of wagons confiscated in Ukraine and Finland reimburse to rail operators

1 февраля 2023

According to Kommersant, the government plans to reimburse rail operators for the cost of wagons confiscated in Ukraine and Finland. It is estimated that the average compensation per wagon will be 2.2 million rubles, and it is planned to allocate a subsidy for 10,000 wagons to at least 32 operators.

A draft government decree on compensation to operators for railway wagons confiscated abroad is being developed by the Ministry of Transport.

The number of wagons and their estimated cost were calculated based on the data provided by the Union of Railway Transport Operators to the Ministry of Transport.

According to various sources, there were over 15,000 Russian railcars in Ukraine, including those belonging to STLC, VEB-Leasing, VTB Leasing, Gazpromtrans, Sber Leasing, and about 5,000 in Finland. Russian wagons. In Finland and Ukraine, about 16,000 Russian wagons were detained, according to the Union of Railway Transport Operators.

It is assumed that subsidies will be provided on the basis of a tender, in which Russian operators can participate. At the same time, the entire burden for preparing documentation, proving the loss of wagons and participating in a tender for a subsidy according the draft decree presumably falls on the operators of the train, and not the owners of the wagons or leasing companies.

In October 2022, the Government also allocated funds from the reserve fund to compensate road carriers for the illegal seizure of their vehicles and cargo (1.64 billion rubles were allocated to 73 auto enterprises for the seizure of 258 trucks).

See details on the Kommersant website: https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/5797170

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