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Optimization of McDonald's restaurants in Russia

18 марта 2022

Alexander Nadmitov, a Managing Partner of Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners Law Firm, gave a comment to Life on the optimization of McDonald's restaurants in Russia.

On March 14, McDonald's officially suspended its business in Russia. According to Chris Kempchinsky, a CEO of the organization's head office, all of 850 restaurants in Russia have temporarily closed, but 62,000 Russian employees will continue to receive salaries for the time being. However, the next day, some restaurants were reopened to visitors, and the Siberian points were not going to close at all.

More than 80% of domestic McDonald's restaurants are under the full control of the American corporation, owned by it and managed through its subsidiaries registered in Russia - these are McDonald's LLC, PSA LLC, YURP LLC, DVRP LLC, as well as Moscow – McDonald's CJSC.

According to the SPARK database, back on February 18, a week before the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, all these companies began to reorganize — merge into one structure. Three days later, Mark Karena, a CEO of the Russian McDonald's, resigned. Oleg Paroev came in his place. He will be engaged in the reorganization of the business.

According to Alexander Nadmitov, such a reorganization simplifies business management and significantly reduces costs. "There is no need to keep several accounting departments, pay administrative staff and so on," Alexander believes.

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