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Book "Blockchain at the peak of the hype: legal risks and opportunities"

5 февраля 2018

The book contains a legal and economic examination of blockchain technology, which is a reality of today and became a milestone from 2009 to 2017 that cannot be ignored. The capitalization of markets for decentralized technologies is growing. Currently, ICO as a method of project financing is a democratic and practical solution that allows financing directly, without using venture financing with the involvement of funds and bypassing banking requirements. At the same time, the risky nature of transactions in the blockchain is the flip side of flexibility, openness and wide opportunities. The main risks for the consumer, government and business include: operational, credit, volatility risks, systemic risks, technological and political and legal risks.

The development of regulation of blockchain technologies meets the demand for formal certainty, acting as the optimal solution to pressing structural issues. According to the team of authors, the regulation of the cryptocurrency business should contain "requirements for the special status of professional market participants - licensing, confirmation of special legal capacity, requirements for disclosing information, requirements for documentation on transactions, requirements for insurance of participants in transactions with cryptocurrencies in terms of covering risks associated with the underlying asset ".


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