Real Estate and Construction Practice

The Firm has amassed considerable experience in real estate and construction projects, there are more than three hundred real estate projects in our portfolio, including projects regarding the construction of office, retail and residential complexes, the acquisition and sale of residential and non-residential premises, land for construction, agricultural land, as well as leasing, advising on investment and equity agreements, issues of unauthorized construction, and mortgage registration.

The services of our practice include: 

  • preparation of all necessary contractual documentation: purchase agreements, lease agreements, investment agreements, mortgage agreements;
  • verification of the legality of the rights of the owner of the object, including verification of the legality of all previously completed transactions with the object;
  • legal check of the owner of the object;
  • legal check for existing disputes in relation to the object; 
  • verification of the legality of cadastral registration of an object;
  • identification of all encumbrances and restrictions established in relation to the object, as well as blockages for registration that are not reflected in the public information of the Federal Service for State Registration;
  • identification of restrictions on transactions with the object;
  • verification of the legality of the creation (construction) of the object and the compliance of the object with the approved urban planning documentation;
  • checking the availability of existing contracts for the supply of utility facilities (gas, water, electricity, etc.), checking the legality of the applied tariffs;
  • checking the existence of debt/liability in relation to the payment of utility bills, capital repair, management company services, other utility bills and contributions;
  • checking the suitability of the land for further development and other economic use, including the identification of town planning and other requirements for the placement of capital construction;
  • checking if there has been unauthorized (inconsistent) redevelopment and reconstruction of an object;
  • providing practical advice in relation to identified risks;
  • organization of construction and technical examination of the object in order to identify its shortcomings;
  • legal support of transactions at credit organizations, at notaries, at the Federal Service for State Registration;
  • organization of interaction with registration authorities in the event of suspensions/refusals in cadastral registration or in state registration;
  • coordination of the redevelopment of the object;
  • participation in transaction negotiations.

In the field of real estate, we have significant experience regarding the representation of the interests of sellers, buyers, tenants, landlords, developers, lenders and investors on projects for the acquisition, sale and rental of residential and non-residential premises, buildings, land for construction, agricultural land, advising in relation to the construction of office buildings, residential and shopping centers, the preparation of investment and equity agreements and registration of property rights, representing the interests of creditors and investors, including mortgage registration.

We also advise on the acquisition and sale of commercial and residential real estate in Europe (Italy, Switzerland, the UK, France and Spain), the USA, Canada and other foreign jurisdictions.

Pavel Maruev
Senior Lawyer
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