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Launch of the Legal Talks Youtube sub-channel

2 марта 2021

Alexander Nadmitov, Managing Partner of Nadmitov, Ivanov & Partners, launched the Legal Talks sub-channel on YouTube channel Nadmitov Live.

Alexey Nikiforov, director of the Legal Department of the Sibur group, became the first guest in the studio of the Legal Talks sub-channel on the Nadmitov Live YouTube channel. Alexey graduated from the Law Faculty of Tomsk State University, received a PhD in Law from TSU, and an MBA from Warwick University.

Alexey has been working in Sibur since 2007, in 2014 he was appointed Director of the Legal Department of the Sibur Group.

Alexey spoke about his education and career path, studying for an MBA at Warwick Business School, the intricacies of managing a legal department and interacting with business units, his passion for business literature and teaching, the skills and personal qualities that are necessary for career growth in a large company.

Mr. Nikiforov told us about the reorganization of the legal department of Sibur, which took place in 2019. As a result, a number of innovative solutions were applied, such as a horizontal management structure, specialization of lawyers by circles and the distribution of legal support centers by regions, as well as the use of a number of technological solutions, personnel decisions, implementation of large infrastructure projects and Chinese shareholders.

The host of the channel is Alexander Nadmitov, Managing Partner of the Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners Law Firm.

Watch the full interview with Alexei Nikiforov here: https://youtu.be/GMD5yIhmc8I.
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